We are all lovely women, trying to do so much more than our capabilities in various roles of life. We give selfless love to our kids, are always so concerned about our parents,  work tirelessly at office and happily handle the homefront as well. We are the “Jaan” of our Maykas and “Shaan” of our Sasurals. But one thing which we neglect completely many times is “OUR SELF”.

There is a famous story- The only cobbler of the village used to mend everyone’s shoes but never got time to mend his owns. After days of neglect, his feet got bruised and he started limping. His health worsened and he could not mend anyone’s shoe. As a result The entire village started limping due to broken shoes. So its important for people playing important roles in the theater called “Life” to duly take care of themselves.

And the most important person to take a big learning from above story is “YOU”. Yes You!!! My dear woman playing lovely roles of a mother, a homemaker, Corporate leader or a beautiful daughter.

Lets start small but atleast start somewhere-

  1. SAVE-First and foremost please develop a habit of saving. whether you are a working mom or stay at home mom. whether you contribute finances in running household or its just your husband taking care of 100 percent finances. Develop the habit of saving. Start small. Maybe just Rs 1000 monthly to start with. The power of saving is immense. Soon it will become Rs 12000 a year. You can buy the home appliance you were wanting it for so long or plan a holiday which you always desired but finances never allowed you to. Remember A Penny Saved is Penny Earned!!!
  2. INVEST- This is the difference between “A Wife” and “The Smart Wife”. Investing does to your savings what the Onion and Garlic does to your dishes. Without them the dish still tastes good but with them, the dish just can’t taste any better. Kids, household chores, maids, house security , old parents and sometime your own laziness and ignorance will act as roadblocks in your smart way of investing but still a smart wife will find the way and time to move herself out of those 4 walls and go to bank or that post office. There are so many ways to invest your money , let me list few for you-
  3. a) Traditional Fixed Deposits– Yes they don’t give higher returns but the best part of this method is to Lock that money away from your temptness to spend. It happens with most of us, when we don’t have money we stay tight on our requirement or wishes but the moment we realize there is some liquid cash, suddenly all those impulsive purchases arise. Trust me !!!! this method does wonder for beginners and can be done through Net Banking.
  4. b) Recurring Deposits-This is another amazing tool and is available with most of the leading banks. So there is no fixed amount you need to lock in the beginning, just keep on parking the saving into recurring deposits as and when you collect the You earn some interest and get the power of money 🙂
  5. c) Mutual funds and SIP– I know these are little tricky ones but if you can do little bit of research and homework , there are trust able plans which can help you earn double the interest rate of traditional deposits. Remember to take calculative risk always and never go greedy if your investment is reaping good returns.
  6. d) Buying Yellow metal-This is another one which is my favorite.Although Its not necessary that it will always fetch you high profits but imagine when its time for your daughter’s or son’s marriage, this investment will give you that happiness and support to buy that extra jewelry for your new bride or may be yourself and feel the pride.

Choose any method or all methods but DO INVEST because AN IDLE MONEY IS SIMPLY MONEY LOST.

  1. KID’s Bank ACCOUNT-This is a very important and responsible step. There are so many lucrative account options available like sukanya samridhdhi yojna which encourages parents to open the account and lock the money for kids future. Irrespective you have  a son or daughter, opening a bank account in child’s name secure his/her future. What if tomorrow your child demands a gadget or wants to be part of  an educational trip which he/she totally deserves but your financial shortage forces him to let go those deserving treats. Your smartness in form of kid’s bank account will give him the necessary fund and stay in the race. Note- I do not mean here to spoil your kid by spending over and unnecessary. If your kid deserves, he shouldn’t be deprived.
  2. BE SELFISH-As mother we are programmed to think for others before ourselves. We first serve hot food to our husbands and children and don’t mind eating cold food. If we see our family in some trouble, we are the ones who would sacrifice our personal savings and giveaway the money to them. Learn to be little strict with yourself, sometimes its a good habit to be little secretive with your family in terms of savings atleast for a significant time in which you save a decent amount. This will help you being avoided in awkward situations where your husband or kid suddenly need the money for that non required reason which has arisen only because they know you have some savings.
  3. LEARN AND GROW-This is the most important step and a necessity to become a smart wife. THIS WORLD IS A BIG PLAYGROUND TO LEARN. Choose any skill and learn. No matter what difficulties are there  but still find atleast 2 hours everyday in which you learn something for yourself. Whether its a new dish online or a new dance on TV,  a different language, or  an online certification, a new skill will empower you in the belief that yes you have that extra zing in yourself and you are ready for any contingency in life.
  4. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF-Yes you read it right, we regularly think of others so much that considering ourselves has become the last thing on our mind and infact it has even dropped off from our mind. Learn to take care of your body- Cleanse , tone and moisturize daily. I know we don’t have so much time, yes kids just drain us off, yes we are totally exhausted like that sucked up tetra pack but still, pick up yourself and wash your face. Apply proper medicines on all those cuts and burns on your hand from working tirelessly in the kitchen. Wear rubber gloves while doing dishes or gardening. There is no harm putting some sunscreen or carrying an umbrella when you move out of the house in sun to do those groceries. NO matter how much busy you are, take that needed break, eat a fruit, or drink that green tea you always wanted. Remember-The Healthy Mind Stays in The Healthy Body. Trust me, Your happiness will double.

Common Ladies, Go FOR IT. Tell me How many of you will move towards taking these smart steps or share what you are already doing. It will definitely help all us learn something new.

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